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Welcome to the Materials and Processes CERI
of IMT Nord Europe scientific publications portal

  • To reconcile sustainable and economic developments, IMT Nord Europe’s Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in Materials and Processes (CERI MP) develops technical and scientific expertise centred mainly around civil engineering materials and polymer and composite materials, as well as their implementation by innovative processes.

    3 scientific themes

    CERI MP’s research focuses on three scientific themes, mainly centred around civil engineering materials and polymer and composite materials:

    • advanced technologies and materials, including the implementation, formulation and characterisation of high-performance structural materials, processes and formulation of functional materials and additive and hybrid prototyping and/or manufacturing;
    • circular economy and eco-materials, including the recovery of secondary, alternative and bio-based materials, environmental acceptability and operational decision-making support;
    • digital materials and processes, including digital materials and mechanics, process / (micro/nano) structure/properties modelling, digital twins of processes and structures. 

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Porosité Emission acoustique PAHs Bacteria Composite Materials Additive manufacturing Concrete Algae Hydration Laser welding Mechanical damage Thermoplastics Manufacturing Processes Mechanical properties Speciation Thermoset composites Contrôle non destructif Ecotoxicity Numerical simulation Réaction alcali-silice Modeling Endommagement Composites -- Propriétés mécaniques 3D printing Rheology Alkali-silica reaction Glass fibres Biofouling Sédiments de dragage Matériaux cimentaires Elastic flaps Composite materials Impression 3D Béton Durability Composites bio-sourcés Microstructure Polymers Composites thermoplastiques Simulation numérique Nanocomposites Fabrication additive Composites manufacturing processes Cement Valorisation Composites thermodurcissables Sediment Porosity Calcium aluminate cement Interface Structural Health Monitoring SHM Thermoplastic composites Resin transfer molding RTM Damage Dredged sediment Morphology Numerical simulation and modelling Biodeterioration Composites -- Procédés de fabrication Modelling Leaching Polymer composites Composites Recycling Liquid composite molding Automobile Polymer blends Heat exchanger Advanced composite materials Elasticity ratio PHYTOSTABILISATION Cement paste Composites manufacturing Advanced manufacturing Mortar Thermographie infrarouge Composite materials and structures Extrusion Carbonation Digital image correlation Numerical simulations PH Durabilité Liquid composite moulding Infrared thermography Matériaux composites Polymer processing Simulation SEDIMENT Contaminated soils Compatibilization Ecoscores Compatibilisation Expansion Acoustic emission Plasturgie Advanced manufacturing process Advanced manufacturing technology Dynamic fatigue CFD

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